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Meditation & yoga on What remains puzzling is the fact that in 6.8 it is stated that one who knows the purusa (= atman/brahman/prana) is released and attains immortality. One way of resolving this incongruity is adopted by Radhakrishnan, who, following the medieval theologian Sankara, translates 6.4 as If one is able to perceive (Him) before the body falls away (one would be freed from misery); (if not) he becomes fit for embodiment in the created worlds. 32 Another way is to recognize that some Upanisadic teachers or redactors did not want prana to stand as a synonym for atman/brahman. A good example of how the supreme status of prana can be challenged by the addition of verses following a statement of its supremacy can be found in CU 7, where vss. 16ff. Meditation & yoga 2016.

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