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Meditation with yoga on The fools who approve that as the better, Go again to old age and death. Those abiding in the midst of ignorance, Self-wise, thinking themselves learned, Hard smitten, go around deluded, Like blind men led by one who is himself blind. Manifoldly living in ignorance, They think to themselves, childishly: We have accomplished our aim! Since doers of deeds (karmin) do not understand, because of passion (raga), Therefore, when their worlds are exhausted, they sink down wretched. Thinking sacrifice and merit is the chiefest thing, Naught better do they know deluded! Having had enjoyment on the top of the heaven won by good works, They re-enter this world, or a lower. (MundU 1.2.7-10)23 This is savage stuff. Meditation with yoga 2016.

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