Brahman, or whatever you call it, and then you think you have become one with it. He said, No. I shall say it is self-dehypnotization; we are now hypnotized. And he pointed out that when a person with all the usual human frailties, uncertainties, doubts, and ignorances enters into that state he comes out of it a transformed being. You see, you can describe that state only by its effects: when an ordinary person goes into it and becomes enlightened, would you not say there is something extraordinary in it?

We are all destined to reach that state. Remember that. Otherwise, why is it that we want to know and know and know? Why is it that we cannot be lulled by fairy stories? We have to know the truth. Of course, we want now to know the truth about the material universe, but soon you will find that knowing such truth does not advance your quest very far. Then you will say, I want to know the truth of that which is underlying everything that is. That is the quest for God, and when that quest begins, it will never stop. If you have not yet begun that journey or have not reached very far in it, what is your life worth? You are born, you prance around for a few years, and then you die. Birds and beasts and insects are also going through the same routine. Isn’t it true? Some of you may speak with ponderous learnedness; others may talk foolish things, but all we really do is dance around in uncertainty, and then we go. That which we cultivate and develop is mortal and perishable. I think and think, and my brain makes bulges in my skull; I am a learned man a little stroke comes, I have become an idiot. All my learning, all my thought, all my arguments all vanish into nothingness. What kind of achievement is that?

But, my friends, if you achieve this illumination of which I am speaking, it will remain untouched for you always. You may not be able to talk about it to others in a learned way, but within the light will remain undimmed. That’s the beauty of it. It is not dependent on the body or on the mind; it is Spirit-Itself, which we are; therefore once we have achieved it we have achieved the all. Even if everything within us that is mortal is destroyed, we shall remain untouched; our knowledge, our life will remain undimmed. That is the most wonderful thing about it.

The way to it is meditation. Meditation is bringing the mind away from all nonsensical things and dwelling on that which is the most important in the whole world God. Whichever way you do it, you will gain. If you do it rightly, you progress quickly. But even if you don’t know the way but dwell in devotion and earnestness on god, you will find your mind itself will guide you; your mind will tell you what to do. Earnestness is the key to the whole thing.


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