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Meditation weight loss on In May of the following year he was initiated into the dasanami order of Sankaracarya by Swami Visvananda Sarasvatd of the Sringeri Math, the viraja homa rite being performed by Swami Vishnudevananda at the Kailash ashram.35 The name given him on initiation was Swami Sivananda. The dasanami are a monastic order and require the adoption of a sannyasi lifestyle. This, Sivananda felt, was quite appropriate. As he wrote in his autobiography, When there is a change of heart there should be a change of the external form also Only a real sannyasin can cut off all the connections and ties and completely get rid of attachment. 36 For Sivananda, the cultivation of detachment (vairagya) was a crucial component of a sannyasi s spiritual life. Some of the reminders he wrote in his pocket book reveal just how rigorously he applied the advaita (non-dual) philosophy to his everyday life: 1. Meditation weight loss 2016.


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