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Meditation sitting on the doctrines of religion; Pradyumna controls the practice of religion (it was probably the Pancaratrins who introduced image worship into Hinduism), whilst Aniruddha controls the effects of religious practice. These ideas would seem to be a development of a simpler and earlier theology that is found in the Narayamya section of the Mahabharata. There, Samkarsana is said to represent the individual soul, Pradyumna the mind (manas) and Aniruddha the ego (ahamkara). In other words, it seems that initially the vyuha vocabulary acted as a kind of symbolic language to link the members of Krsna s family with the principles of Samkhya philosophy. As the theology developed, Samkhya dualism was converted into a form of monism in which the separation of purusa and prakrti only occurs part way through the process of creation, which is understood as a progressive emanation from a single divine source. In order to maintain the status of Krsna s family members, they were detached from the Samkhya principles and relocated closer to the source of creation as the vyuhas. The other notable feature of Pancaratra philosophy is the theory of avataras (descents or incarnations), sometimes called vibhavas (manifestations). Meditation sitting 2016.


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Meditation sitting

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