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Louise signed her first record deal when she was just 15; by 17 her first single reached the number-three spot on 5FM’s Top 40. After graduating from UCT with an honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, she travelled to London to pursue her music career. Louise has just released her sixth album, and she recently knocked Rihanna off of the numberone spot on the US Billboard Dance chart with her single, Sunrise. Her latest album, Hanging in the Void, was released in November. She lives in Joburg north her three dogs.

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Joe Bermudez [who produced the hit single Sunrise] asked if I wanted to collaborate with him after hearing one of my songs on the radio.I immediately said yes, and ended up flying to Boston where we began working on the single. I stayed in his apartment with him for two weeks – I didn’t know him well at the time, so thankfully he wasn’t a serial killer! We recorded Sunrise three years ago and, once I left Boston, I forgot about it. It was only a few months ago that the song was picked up in the States and became such a hit. That’s how the music industry works – you never know when, or if, one of your songs will do well. I’m still amazed that my song topped Rihanna’s on the US Billboard Dance chart – when I first heard the news, I screamed with shock! ‘Hanging in the void’ is a phrase used to describe the feeling astronauts get when they leave earth for the first time.

It’s that realisation you have when you’re looking down on earth, that we are so small and insignificant in the greater scheme of things. This album is about understanding my place in the Universe. Our time here is limited so we need to start living the life we want now. I have a deep passion for song-writing, singing, and performing. I don’t stick to a particular genre of music, either. If I like a melody, no matter where it comes from, and feel that my vocals could work with it, I’ll go for it! It’s like being on a bodyboard and letting the wave take you in whatever direction it wants – I go with the flow.

I started designing jewellery eight years ago. My latest range will be out in time for Valentine’s Day. I design pieces I know my friends and I would drool over – anything in rose gold with brightly-coloured gem stones attracts my eye. I love seeing people wearing my designs; it’s amazing knowing I’ve created something that makes them happy. I meet interesting people every day. But, if I could meet anyone in the world, I’d love to share tea and scones with motivational speaker and author Louise Hay. She’s 90 years old and so full of life, love and wisdom – I could learn a lot from her. Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given is hers: ‘If you want more love in your life, give more love’.

My female friends are incredible. We have a great time together, and I appreciate them more now that I’m in my thirties. I didn’t have much of a social life in my twenties because I was still building my career from the bottom up, but now that I do, I appreciate those bonds much more. I enjoy exercising and spending time outdoors. I do group training sessions with a bunch of my girlfriends three times a week and yoga at least once a week. Even though I’m quite active, I do still have to watch what I eat but I won’t deprive myself – if I want something, I’ll have it!

Meditating is also hugely important to me – it helps me feel calm and grounded. I try and sit quietly for at least 20 minutes every day. A passion project I’m working on are my ‘Lou Lou balls’ – they’re bath balls named after my songs, and the aromatherapy oils in each of them matches the mood of the song. My favourite is the Empty Fantasy ball; it’s purple and gold, with neroli and ylang-ylang oil in it. It makes the bathroom smell like a luxury spa! The next few months will be exciting, and busy!I’m working on the music videos for my album’s first two singles, and I’m also really excited to be spending Christmas in London with my sister, her husband and my niece and nephew, so I’ll be celebrating in front of a roaring fireplace with egg nog. Bliss.

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