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Meditation relaxation on Michael Yapko claims that people can spontaneously enter trance states during conversations, watching television, reading and making love and in many other ways, for example highway hypnosis.22 The second and related point is that trance experiences often have a quality of involuntariness about them. Things just seem to happen, as Gilligan puts it. The phenomenon of post-hypnotic suggestion is interesting in this connection because when a person engages in an action or thought process in response to a trigger stimulus that had been suggested during trance the trance state is re-evoked.23 Many of our everyday behaviours are actually responses to trigger stimuli and a little selfreflection will reveal that most of these behaviours are little sequences which, once triggered, need to run to completion (e.g. vaulting horse gymnasts in the old Amicable Life advertisement, who kept on running towards the vaulting horse even though they could see that the previous vaulters were all crashing in to each other after vaulter number two had failed to make the vault or even a simple handshake). Meditation relaxation 2016.

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