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Meditation posture on 4. and 5. What s wrong with supernaturalism and world denial? The short answer to 4 is lack of evidence for supernatural entities or realms. In fact, this item has strong links with the next one on world denial. If happiness, fulfilment or flourishing is located in a post-mortem realm or is only attainable through identification with an entity or realm that in some way transcends (i.e. is fundamentally different from) the world of everyday experience (as characterized, for example, by the first in the pairs of features on the monopolarity list above) then what we encounter in the everyday world is devalued. Meditation posture 2016.

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As you close your eyes, visualize the favorite location of your old place. Try to remember the colors, the light, and any smells. Where would you sit? How would it feel? Imagine yourself sitting in this space. After a few minutes, let the visualization dissolve until you are only left, with the feeling of that place.

Carry that feeling in your heart and envision yourself sitting in a new place. It may be entirely made up, or it may involve some of the components of your new abode. Get detailed and specific, carrying over the qualities of the first location into the second. Was it the color yellow that inspired you? Was it the fact that it was a sacred and quiet space? See if the things that mattered can be transferred.

As you take your time exiting the meditation, consider unpacking your sacred self along with your pots and pans. Make room for what is divine to you and your house will become a home in no time at all.

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