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Meditation position on Trance is a bit like a clutch; it creates a state of mind in which mental programs put into place previously can be removed or modified. Finally, we may note that not all experiences of trance involve vivid imagery. Many reports of deep trance show that people can experience deep stillness and complete blankness of mind, a state of no-thing-ness. As Charles Tart points out, the typical response of a deeply hypnotized subject to the question What are you experiencing? is Nothing.24 What seems to be the case, then, is that both tranquillity or emptiness of mind and vivid imagery are products of the intention of the person who induces and guides the trance (whether that be through auto- or hetero-hypnosis) and of the techniques employed to create the trance. So, to summarize what has been said about trance states: 1. they all involve the inhibition or diminution of conscious processing; 2. Meditation position 2016.

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