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Meditation in yoga on Despite this, there can be little doubt that the Brahmasutra as we have it is the text that indicates most clearly the general tendency of Vedanta thought during the epic period. What that tendency was is not easy to determine, however, for whilst the sutras of other schools such as Nyaya, Vaisesika and Yoga are simply difficult to understand without a commentary, those of the Mimamsa and Vedanta are unintelligible without one.65 As Thibaut explains, The most essential words are habitually dispensed with; nothing is, for instance, more common than the simple omission of the subject or predicate of a sentence. And where here and there a Sutra occurs whose words construe without anything having to be supplied, the phraseology is so eminently vague and obscure that without the help derived from a commentary we should be unable to make out to what subject the Sutra refers.66 Hence, an essential item for the would-be interpreter of the Brahmasutra is a reliable commentary. The main problems with this for the modern student are that on the one hand, the traditional commentaries all assume the unity and coherence of Upanisadic teaching and yet, on the other, few of them agree about the overall purport of the text. The two most influential of the traditional commentators are Sankara67 and Ramanuja. Meditation in yoga 2016.

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