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Meditation health on 50, which tells us that it is through dispassion towards omnipotence and omniscience that liberation is obtained. In some ways, however, this sutra complicates matters for if Isvara, who is eternally liberated, can be omniscient there seems no good reason to think that an omniscient purusa will lose this faculty on attaining liberation. Why then should he be thought to lose his omnipotence? Part of this must lie with the conception of purusa itself. Purusas are many and identical. Their one characteristic is consciousness and it is quite likely that in Samkhya-Yoga philosophy they are to be regarded as all-pervading.44 Omniscience is a natural attribute of an all-pervading consciousness. In itself, however, such a purusa would seem to possess no means of manipulating the material world. Meditation health 2016.

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Meditation health

Meditation health


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