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Meditation for stress on When these parallels are put alongside the similarities in the methods used to access these states it is difficult not to conclude that mystical experiences and trance experiences derive from some common set of processes and, since trance experiences go beyond the mystical in their scope, that the latter are variants of the former. This being so, it follows that yogic experiences are varieties of trance experience. Indeed, I would contend that explaining yogic and other forms of mysticism in terms of trance experience clarifies the nature of the relationship between these forms better than any other explanation proposed to date. If anyone thinks they can improve on this explanation by reference to other processes or factors then I and, I imagine, many others with an interest in this subject will be only too pleased to give their proposals serious consideration. Until that time, I would suggest that an explanation of yogic experience in terms of trance experience is the best that we have available. Post 9 WHITHER MODERN YOGA IN THE WEST? If the arguments set out in the previous chapter have any force then modern practitioners of yoga will need to think carefully about the broad framework within which they locate their practice and which provides the goals or ultimate aims of that practice. Indian yoga teachers are unlikely to abandon their tradition-informed approach to yoga teaching and they will undoubtedly continue to be influential. Meditation for stress 2016.

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