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Meditation for relaxation on In her influential study of mental health, Marie Jahoda argued that it involves more than an absence of mental illness, more than normality and more than a sense of well-being.1 She also provided an account of the constituents of this more, an account which has received substantial support from subsequent researchers. A mentally healthy person exhibits: a positive view of the self, the ability to be happy or contented, the ability to care for and about others, the capacity for productive and creative work, and the ability to grow and achieve within the context of a challenging and sometimes threatening environment.2 For those involved in mental health promotion the operationalization of these components has been a significant challenge. One problem has been that different researchers define mental health in different ways. In 1993 Daniel Batson and Larry Ventis identified seven broad approaches to mental health in the literature: 1. absence of mental illness; 2. Meditation for relaxation 2016.

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