Meditation for Mental Fitness Energy and Overall Health

SANTOSHA-Contentme nt Mental contentment

“Baudhika Santosha = represents a state of mind that is at peace with the present moment. ” “Being consumed by thoughts of the past and thoughts of the future creates discontent. ” “Accepting responsibility for having created our experience for the present. ”

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Verbal contentment

“How little needs to be said when we are content. ”

“Simply enjoying the presence of others. ”

“Words take on tremendous power and meaning because they truly embody the present. ” Physical contentment

“Proper and natural alignment of the body. ”

“The body works when it needs to work and rests when it needs to rest. ”

TAPAS-Auste rity

Mental austerity

“Narrowing and focusing on the elements of our lives. ”

“Our desires direct us toward what we need to do to find balance. ”

“Minimize excess in either direction and to find a state of balance. ”

“Entheos in Greek means to be in, inspired by the divine. ”

Verbal austerity

“Being focused enough to know what needs to be said. ”

“Speak only when it is an improvement on silence. ”

“Allowing words to penetrate the heart of a situation. ”

Physical austerity

“The quality and quantity of the items in our living environment are an expression of our inner world. ”

“What are we holding onto which is now unnecessary? ”

“Is the actual mass of the body too much or too little?

SVADHYAYA-Self-Study Mental self-study

“Life is the best teacher. ”

“Observe our thoughts as something we have or do, instead of something we are. ”

“If the mind is clear, it can be our greatest asset. If not, it will be our greatest challenge. ”

Verbal self-study

“Listening to ourselves. ”

“Slowing down our thought process so we can create space in our minds to carefully listen and evaluate. ”

“The more we repeat specific words and ideas in our speech, the greater the possibility that there is a lesson to be learned there. ”

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