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Meditation exercise on 39 This situation, argues Hein, is what led to the emergence of the Gopala cult, a brahmanically-engineered religion for people who suffer under extraordinary restraint. 40 The cult s focus is on the god Krsna as a child and teenager who plays (Hla) with the freedom of an Indian child. His life is the polar opposite of the lives of his devotees, just as Indian women are the polar opposite, in terms of power, to the great goddess Durga. The attitude of surrender encouraged by the cult (which Hein regards as a new religion), along with the telling and singing of fairy stories about the exploits of the god, functioned as a kind of pressure valve to relieve social tension. Festivals such as Hold are others. Much of tantra can be understood as a different kind of response. By encouraging its practitioners to breach the taboos based on purity and pollution, which are essentially brahmanical constructs designed to preserve the social hierarchy of the dharmasastras, tantric practitioners challenged the status quo and presented its teachings as repressive ideological constructs. Meditation exercise 2016.

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Meditation exercise

Meditation exercise


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