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Meditation clothing on When such behaviours are disadvantageous to us but we have been unsuccessful in removing them we often experience that Oh here we go again feeling every time they are triggered. Such sequences, often called conditioned behaviour patterns, have the involuntary character of many trance states and may even be kinds of trance states themselves. If this is the case, and it certainly seems that it might be, then for each of us our entire life is filled with entries into and exits out of trance states. Now the most effective way to modify behaviours that were laid down during trance states or are maintained through trance states, as every hypnotherapist knows, is by utilizing trance itself because in trance states there is a loosening of previously conditioned patterns. One analogy for this is the gearbox of a car. Once you are in a gear you are stuck in it unless you activate the clutch, which disengages the gear and allows a change to another gear. And when you want to get out of that gear you have to employ the clutch again. Meditation clothing 2016.

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