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Meditation breathing on Fromm and Kahn also noticed, and I mention it here because it is relevant to an understanding of what happens during yogic meditation, that the imagery generated in auto-hypnosis tended to be more vivid than that generated in hetero-hypnosis. They write, internal events at times took on a quality of verisimilitude comparable to the way in which one experiences external reality itself.19 It may be, however, that the hetero-hypnosis they employed was less than optimally effective because other writers, for example Charles Tart, have reported the same and even enhanced vividness in subjects experiencing trance via hetero-hypnosis.20 The general point to be noted, therefore, is that in trance states people can experience mental creations being as real as or even more real than ordinary waking experience. Trances can facilitate what Joseph de Rivera and Theodore Sarbin call believed-in-imaginings.21 Three other points are worth mentioning at this juncture. The first is that trance states often develop spontaneously; they do not always have to be cultivated. Meditation breathing 2016.

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