Meditation breathing exercises

Meditation breathing exercises on 9 THE PRATYABHIJNA This is probably the most well known of the Kasmiri Saiva schools. It betrays the influence of both Buddhist and Vedantic teaching alongside its Saiva doctrines.10 The reputed founder of the system was Somananda, with a work called Sivadrsti. Roughly contemporaneous with him was Vasugupta, who discovered another root text of this system, the Siva Sutras. He may also have been the author of another influential Pratyabhijna work, the Spanda Karika, a kind of commentary on the Siva Sutras. These two works are complementary, the Siva Sutras emphasizing the consciousness aspect (prakasa) of the divine, the Spanda Karika emphasizing the dynamic or creative (vimarsa) one. Whereas the Krama might be said to concentrate on yoga practice and the Kula on the effects of divine grace, the Pratyabhijna (literally recognition ) emphasizes knowledge or discrimination. Meditation breathing exercises 2016.


Meditation breathing exercises

Meditation breathing exercises Yoga Poses 8.

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