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Matsyasana yoga on Alternatively, the brahma door can be opened by the physical method of extending the tongue. To achieve this, the yogin scrapes away the froenum (the skin that anchors the tongue to the lower jaw) over a period of six months. In the course of six months the fold of skin (froenum) at the base of the tongue will vanish. The yogin should then bandage the tip of the tongue with a piece of cloth and then should draw it up gradually, after knowing the proper season, time and manner of action. In the course of the next six months, O Muni, by thus daily pulling it up, it will reach the middle of the eyebrows and obliquely up to the crevice of the ear. Being moved by stages, it will reach downwards as far as the root of the chin. In the course of the next three years, it will undoubtedly reach the brahmarandhra and stand surrounding it completely. Matsyasana yoga 2016.

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