Marigold Herb: Health Benefits, Uses, Facts

Pot Marigold

FR: Souci

GER: Ringelblume

IT: Calendula or Florrancio

SP: Calendula

BOT: Calendula officinalis

FAM: Compositae

A well-known garden flower, with brilliant, golden-orange blooms and pale green leaves, it is native to southern Europe and Asia. The generic name Calendula and many of the popular names abroad (e.g. tous les mois) refer to the long flowering period. It is a hardy annual, and can be grown without difficulty in any garden.

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Marigold petals (not the centre), fresh or dried, have been used as a poor man’s substitute for saffron right back to Roman times. They have a slight aromatic bitterness, though nothing like true saffron, and are used in fish soups (particularly conger soup), meat soups in Holland, as a colouring in cheese and butter, in cakes (the colour being first extracted in milk) and in salads. Even the leaves are advocated in salads, although they are rough, tough, and bitter to my taste.

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