The Major Summer Trends Of 2020

Can I buy swimwear that’s both flattering and stylish?

Sports fashion stylist Kellie Daggett (

‘The major trend we’re seeing this year isa surf influence coming through into mainstream swimwear – great news if you require a bit more substance and support from your bikinis and swimsuits for playing sports or running around after your kids on the beach, but still want to look stylish.You’ll see the influence in design features such as long, chunky zips down the front of swimsuits (usually at the back on wetsuit but flipped around so you can show as little as much cleavage as you like); full-length sleeves and more generous cuts, with higher-waisted bikini bottoms and longer-length tops offering more coverage; and thicker, innovative neoprene-like fabrics(often with built-in SPF) that hold you in and smooth out lumps and bumps.

There’s Also a lot of mesh detailing, that might reveal a hint of cleavage or waist, but will still leave you feeling covered up. In short,we’ve gone from skimpy and flimsy to structured and streamlined, and the look is very feminine. Great brands to check out include Seafolly, Melissa Odabash, UnePiece, and new brand Deakin and Blue,which produces really flattering, stylish and sporty swimwear from an AA cup up to These brands don’t come cheap, but I Think they’re worth paying that little bit extra for, not just for the amazing properties of the fabrics that you won’t find on the high street, but also because the designs will leave you feeling really comfortable,confident and chic on the beach.’

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How can I protect my hair from the elements?

Anabel Kingsley, leading trichologist at Philip Kingsley (philip

‘During the summer, our hair has three main elements to deal with:sun, sea and chlorinated water. Each can be damaging, but when combined, hair can be left dry, brittle, dull and riddled with split ends. Our water-resistant Philip Kingsley Swimcap cream (£17 for 75ml) protects hair from all three elements while giving it hydrating treatment – apply it in the morning and wear your hair in a bun or under ahat for added protection. If you want a product that protects against UV rays (our hairburns just like our skin), but won’t affect your hairstyle, apply our Sun Shield spray(£22 for 100ml) to lightly coat each strand before styling. And don’t forget to apply sunblock to areas where your hair is thin or parting to protect your scalp.Hair can become tangled on holiday from outdoor activities and wind exposure, so keep a detangling spray handy to help you remove any knots with a brush – be gentle,starting at your ends and gradually working your way up. I also recommend getting a trim before and after you go away. One beforehand will help remove any damaged ends as they interlock easily, increasing the likelihood of your hair tangling and breaking. A trim when you get back can remove any subsequent damage, but if you protect your hair on holiday, that shouldn’t be necessary.’

The Major Summer Trends Of 2020

Q How do I care for skin in the sun?

Bianca Estelle, medical aesthetician and founder of Bea Skin Care (

‘Sun exposure provides us with vitamin D, but exposure from UVA and UVB rays causes sun damage and is responsible for 90 percent of the symptoms of premature ageing, largely due to the rays’ effect on our skin’s collagen and elastin fibres.Overexposure to ultraviolet light is the primary cause of skin cancer, so use a sunscreen containing a minimum SPF 30 (try Bea Skin Care Solar Defence Spray SPF 30, £38 for 100ml).Upping your antioxidant-rich vitamin C and Eintake with orange juice, guava, almonds, spinach,avocado and green tea can boost UV protection and help repair skin damage. Or try a supplement that helps enhance UV protection, such as Bea Skin Care Solar Defence Oral

The Major Summer Trends Of 2020

Supplements,£32, which contains calaguala leaf extract and vitamins B3, B12 and D to build UV tolerance and help protect against ageing.’

The Major Summer Trends Of 2020

Q How can I get my workout-weary feet and legs ready to go bare?

Top podiatrist and fitness fan Margaret Dabbs (margaret

‘Exercise can take a toll on feet, leading to problems including athlete’s foot; cracked and hard skin; blisters; odour; and crumbling, discoloured, broken nails. You’ll need around six weeks to get your feet in top condition before your holiday. I suggest visiting a podiatrist to treat your various ailments (my nationwide clinics offer medical pedicures to combine beautifying and medical treatment in one visit), then continuing foot-care regime at home with a few simple steps.

1.If you’re training every day, it’s likely you’ll have hard-skin build-up, either on the ball of your foot or the side of your big toe if you pronate when you run. To Reduce this, file your feet at home once a week, always on dry skin and never after a workout or shower.

2.After filing your feet, apply a treatment cream such as my Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream (£20 for 100ml). Thanks to its anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, it relieves symptoms of athlete’s foot and itchy,sore, cracked skin plus eliminates odour; and repairs discoloured, flaky nails.

3.Trim your toenails regularly so they’re not too long – long nails can easily break when running or lunging as your toes can hit the front of your trainers – but not so short you can cause ingrown toenails – never cut below the fine line that runs across the top of your toenail.

4.Make sure your trainers have a bit of space at the front to allow for swelling and movement when training, and avoid pulling your socks on too tightly. The Big trend this year is healthy, natural-looking nails where it almost looks like you’re not wearing anything, or add a splash of colour if you feel like it.

5.If your feet and lower legs suffer from swelling in the heat, apply MargareDabbs Firming Leg Serum (£45 for 200ml) every day to stimulate circulation,reduce venous congestion, minimise water retention and cool your skin. If You have bare feet in open footwear such as flip-flops or sandals, use an antibacterial foot powder to reduce sweating and odour, and minimise the risk of athlete’s foot.’

The Major Summer Trends Of 2020

5 of the best new sunscreens

Best for… outdoor workouts Sweat proof and waterproof, the protective veil of Shiseido WetForce Clear Stick UV Protector with SPF50+ (£27 for 15g; becomes even stronger when it comes into contact with water and perspiration.Best for… moisturisation The super-light, quickly absorbed formula of Vichy Ideal Soleil Hydrating SPF 30 Solar Protective Water (£19 for200ml; has added hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and keep it deeply hydrated.Best for… sensitive skin The chemical-free, vegan-friendly, mineral formulation of Organii SPF 30 Sun Cream(£21.95 for 125ml; offers a gentle but effective alternative to chemical-based sun creams so you can avoid skin irritation.Best for… plant-based protection Green People Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF 30 (£22 for 200ml;green has a base of soothing aloe vera packed with vitamins, super antioxidants and essential amino acids, plusedelweiss for natural UV protection andmyrrh to fight free-radicals.Best for…your faceNow available in seven shades,IT Cosmetics’ Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+(£30 for 32ml; boasts high-UVA/UVB, broad-spectrum sunscreen in a colour-correcting,full-coverage cream.

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