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Lotus yoga pose on Desikachar does not require any particular religious commitment and is not himself formally involved with any religious group, though, as is clear from his writings, he does have a personal spirituality. For Gill, it is also important that these teachings are rooted in a householder tradition of yoga. To fully support students who are householders, teachers need to understand the nature of householder life and the kinds of challenges it brings. She put it like this: Working within a householder tradition is comforting to a Westerner like me, as my teachers have had similar experiences to my own; whereas I wonder whether a teacher from a monastic tradition, however sympathetic, can really identify with a householder s problems and concerns. Students are also encouraged to study texts on yoga, particularly Patanjali s Yoga Sutra, the Yogarahasya, the Yogayajnavalkya Samhita29 and the Upanisads of the Black Yajurveda.30 The Yoga Sutras are learned by heart by most of the serious students in this tradition, and other key texts are approached in a similar manner according to the student s inclinations and capacities. In this tradition we have what its practitioners regard as a truly modern yoga with roots that go deep into the history and philosophy of the yogic way of life. Lotus yoga pose 2016.

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