Lotus Pose Yoga

Lotus Pose Yoga

Autumn Meditations Taoist Lung Energy Meditation

Preparation: Sit in a comfortable position. If you are sitting on the floor I always recommend sitting up on a folded blanket – ideally you want your knees to be just below your hips. This will help you sit for longer periods without extra stress in your back. When you’re comfortably seated, place your hands in a comfortable position. I generally recommend interlacing the fingers and placing them on your lap or just in front of your lap, or simply place one palm on top of the other. When you place the hands this way it generates a very nurturing energy and helps one draw the energy inwards for regeneration. You can of course place the hands on the knees. This position, I find, tends to be more suited to an opening and expanding type of energy, good for sending out energy and metta (loving kindness).

Ok, so then close down the eyes and settle into a relaxed posture. Find your breath moving through the nostrils and keep watching it. Just have your attention on your breath, let any thoughts just move through your mind without giving them any attention. Relinquish the mind’s thoughts and images as they arise. Come back to the breath with an alert yet relaxed awareness. Just watch the breath for at least five minutes until the mind starts to settle.

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So when the mind has settled a little, move your awareness down to your lungs and your chest cavity. As you breath feel the breath fill the lungs and you can simply say something like this to your lungs “thank you lungs, thank you for helping me to breath. I love and appreciate you and your hard work.” The intention is generate and cultivate appreciation and gratitude towards your lungs.

You can visualize a white, grey cloud being drawn into the lungs and swirling around the chest cavity allowing it to dissolve any blockages or impurities. Also set the intention for it to dissolve any excess grief or sadness that may be stored there. Be sure to keep a deep exhalation breath going while doing this meditation.

After a few minutes, draw your attention to the front of the throat. Feel the breath enter through the front of the throat, cooling and nourishing your lungs as it travels through the throat and into the lungs. You can add an internal mantra to the breath. So as you breath in, focus your attention on the throat and say to yourself “Hummmmm” and as you breathe out, say to yourself “Saaaaaaaa”

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