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Lotus pose in yoga on He writes, What is the definition of the aggregate of consciousness (vijnanaskandha)? It is mind (citta), mental organ (manas) and also consciousness (vijnana). And there what is mind (citta)? It is alaya-vijnana (store-con-sciousness) containing all seeds (sarvbdjaka), impregnated with the traces (impressions: vasanaparibhavita) of aggregates (skandha), elements (dhatu) and spheres (ayatana) What is mental organ (manas)? It is the object of alayavijnana, always having the nature of self-notion (self-conceit, manyanatmaka) associated with four defilements: viz., the false idea of self (atmadrsti), self-love (atmasneha), the conceit of I-am (asmimana) and ignorance (avidya) What is consciousness (vijnana)? It consists of the six groups of consciousness (sad vijnanakayah) viz, visual consciousness (caksur vijnana), auditory (srotra), olfactory (ghrana), gustatory (jihva), tactile (kaya) and mental consciousness (manovijnana) 53 The alaya vijnana perfumes the other vijnanas whilst they constantly replenish it. Thus it is the alaya vijnana that perpetuates samsaric experience as all the seeds (bija) within it are conditioned by the subject-object distinction. As they manifest in awareness or experience they colour it with that distinction. Thus, Asanga states in his Compendium of the Mahayana (Mahayana Sa.mgraha) that the Buddha preached the dharma for the destruction of the alaya. Lotus pose in yoga 2016.

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