How Long Does The Yoga Training Take?

How Long Does The Training Take?

Depending on what kind of course you sign up for, it can take anywhere from five weeks to a couple of years to become qualified. The key is choosing a course that fits around your existing work/life commitments. ‘At The Training Room, taking the full-time, face-to-face route over five weeks is your best fast-track option, but if you want to keep working as you study, you can spread this out by training part-time every other weekend over a 12-week period,’ says Darren Doak, national field manager for The Training Room. ‘We even offer an online distance course where you can take up to three years to qualify – this approach is reflective of the modern day, flexible lifestyles we lead.’

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Swainson says it takes the average Future Fit student around 12-18 months to qualify part-time, and suggests taking your time is a good idea to cement and practise the knowledge you’ve gained: ‘I saw an advert recently that said it takes 18 weeks to become a professional welder. I like to think it takes longer than that to become a good personal trainer.’

Whether you take the full- or part-time route, your course should always include practical assessment and examination days for you to put all the theory you’ve learnt into practice, so make sure you can fit the exam dates into your schedule before you sign up.


The number of training providers out there can be overwhelming, and the quality of education and support you receive can vary, so take your time and research thoroughly. ‘Choose a course that covers the four pillars of personal training: training and exercise, nutrition, behavioural change coaching and business skills,’ says Swainson. ‘Not all courses cover all of these in great depth, or at all. Also, ask what the pass rates are (ours is 80 per cent at Future Fit). If a course passes everyone, where’s the value in that?’

A good course will cover sales and marketins, different training methods and training for special populations.

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