Locust Yoga Pose

As gold, silver, copper, zinc, etc., appear simply as metal to one who desires metal, Locust Yoga Pose similarly everything in this world appears as simple beingness to the spiritual adept who is established firmly in his pure Locust Yoga Pose illumination-nature which, after the removal of all taints, is devoid of thought constructs.

This has been aptly stated by Bhatta Kallata thus: This I true illumination-nature is experienced by the spiritual adept on undergoing complete tranformation lof his vision. Thereafter the entire universe is experienced as pure being.

Yogartlja’s introduction to verse 43 Thus in the following verse the author Abhinavagupta indirectly refers to the prevailing tradition of mantra worshippers who following the Agamas subscribe to the theory of attaining their iakta nature after giving up their limitation: This is the Brahman supreme being, supreme, pure, still, undifferentiated, equable, complete, deathless, real, that rests in the Yoga Sakti who is of the nature of illumination.

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