Locust Yoga Pose

Locust Yoga Pose

What are the signs that you are spending too much time on the computer?

• You are tired

• Your eyes are heavy

• You start to eat badly

• You end up on your own

In the working environment one of the great feelings is to be in a team. A group of individuals coming together to produce something great. Maybe only a few people will discover what it is you are working on but to you and your colleagues for a while it will be a big part of your life.

You need to enjoy the team building experience, the feelings of reward that come from that are many fold more exciting and loving than those forged on the computer screen.

The time is now. Shut down the computer and go and meet someone. Off button now!!!

I hope that you like the cute picture; I love it and think it is funny yet symbolic too, hence I have posed the question “Is Your Pond Too Small?”

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