Locust – Salabhasana

Locust – Salabhasana

Main benefit – Strengthens the back of the body which includes the neck extensors.

1. Lie on your belly in the middle of your mat.

2. Bring the arms down the side of the body, palms facing up. Feet hip width apart. Looking forward, resting the head on the chin.

3. On an inhale, start to raise the upper body, the arms and hands off the floor. Try to get the arms parallel with the floor.

4. Then start to raise the legs off the floor. Try to keep your legs straight.

5. Look diagonally down towards the floor to keep the neck in line with the spine.

6. Now gently squeeze the hands towards each other so you activate the muscles around the shoulder blades.

8. Keep the breath moving. Hold for 3-4 breaths and then slowly release and relax back onto your mat.

9. Have a little rest for a few moments and do it at least one more time.

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