Little Thunderbolt Yoga Pose

Take deep, steady breaths into your belly.

Hold this pose for one minute, then swap sides.

What’s it good for?
Yoga tones and strengthens the entire body as you stretch, Little Thunderbolt Yoga Pose extend and flex into different positions. It eases aches, pains and muscle tension; improves flexibility and range of motion; aids good posture; stimulates circulation; improves bone health; supports digestion; and helps build and protect immunity, guarding against illness and disease.

Controlled, deep breathing – an integral component of yoga Little Thunderbolt Yoga Pose helps quiet a busy mind and reduce stress and anxiety. When the brain senses this state of calm, it produces hormones that nourish and rejuvenate from the inside out. The combo of physical movement and mental relaxation also helps to reduce blood pressure.

Devotees claim it also improves mood, skin, sex and sleep. If nothing else, attending a class or two a week, or practising at home will give you welcome quiet time.

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