Lion Yoga Pose

Lion Yoga Pose

At weekends or in the evenings sometimes I forget where I am. I am married, therefore I do not have a house, and I have a home. I forget this. My wife reminds me and remarks that I think more of the computer than of her. Her criticism is spot on, I need reminding. As any husband does. Constantly!

The lesson here in our relationships is that we need to focus on more important things that the computer. How much time do you spend looking at the screen, be it the TV or the computer?

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Like me, isn’t it about time you took a reality check?

You need to get out more.

Try turning the computer off and committing yourself not to look at it all day. Go out, get away from it. Go out and interact and commune with other people. You know the human being kind, build real relationships not cyber world ones.

It has been remarked of me in my working life that I spend too much time working on letters, hiding behind emails, producing spreadsheets of figures and not enough time meeting with people and really moving the issues on. I am out of balance and I need to constantly check myself at work to ensure that I strike the right balance.

What is the right balance? Who knows?

However, you must ask yourself the question every day. We need to have a balance working life, some computer work, some fun time, meeting people time, talking time. Make sure that you feel good.

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