Lifestyle changes to prevent and reverse fatty liver

There are other steps to help control your fatty liver disease. Here are some of the lifestyle changes that can make your liver function normally again:

Lose weight. This is especially important for people who are obese or overweight. Eat meals that are low in calories and make sure that you participate in a physical activity for you to really lose weight. If you have been trying for a while and you still cannot seem to lose weight, make sure to ask your doctor for help. Never go on a crash diet, as that will just do the opposite and make you gain more. Try to sit down and gauge how much weight you actually need to lose. You might need to work with a doctor or a trainer to come up with a plan that will bring you towards your goal safely and effectively. Here are some of the changes that you can do to help you lose weight:

Take the stairs to and from work, and even at home instead of using the escalator or elevator.

If you cannot find a parking space near the entrance, do not fret. Make it work to your advantage and park far away.

Go grocery shopping after breakfast, lunch, or dinner to improve your digestion.

Avoid eating desserts as a rule and eat only when there is a special occasion.

Instead of snacking on chips and candies, munch on fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

If you cannot stay away from soft drinks or fruit juices, make sugar-free flavored water as the alternative.

Reduce your intake of saturated fats by replacing your meat with lean ones like skinless chicken or turkey.

Reduce your intake of carbohydrates by eliminating foods with high glycemic index from your diet.

Stay hydrated. When we are thirsty, we tend to eat. So it is recommended to drink a lot of liquids to avoid getting that mistaken feeling that you are hungry.

Stick to a healthy diet. Plan your healthy meals during the weekends, so you will not feel pressured to cook on your busy weekdays and eventually give up. Despite eating healthily though, make sure that you still take some time to perform some exercises to avoid piling up the food and gaining weight. In addition, when you continuously eat healthy and exercise, you will start feeling more energetic and healthier, and your fatty liver simply becomes a thing of the past.

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Be more active. Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. If there are days when you do not have the time, just make sure that you walk or climb up and down the stairs after eating. Avoid sitting or lying down because that will only make it harder for your body to digest the food.

Lower your cholesterol levels. Exert a lot of effort into reducing your cholesterol levels. Come up with healthy meals, exercise, and consult your doctor for medications that will keep your triglycerides and cholesterol at healthy, normal levels.

Protect your liver. The most important thing that you should do now is to protect your liver. Avoid doing things that will stress out your liver more. For example, avoid drinking alcohol and make sure that you only take medications when needed and use the correct doses.

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