Laxatives For Weight Loss Tips Behavior Modification

Celebrated obesity researcher, Dr. Thomas Wadden, along with three other prominent researchers, actually put this idea to the test. They set out to improve the long-term weight loss maintenance associated with dieting. They divided a large group of patients into three groups. They instructed one of the three groups in behavioral methods of weight control and then compared the outcomes of the three groups. They, too, suspected that behavior modification would make a difference in weight-loss maintenance success.

Here’s what they found:

The one-year results appeared to show the benefits of behavior therapy.

By the five-year follow-up, “there was not even a hint of the effectiveness of behavioral treatment. ”

On average, the conclusions state, subjects in all three groups had regained all of their weight loss at five years and 55 percent of subjects had enrolled in new weight reduction programs. Famine—

If weight rebound isn’t affected by behavior modification, and it isn’t caused by emotions or food addiction, then it must be caused by something even stronger—smarter than our heads, more powerful than our will. And it is.

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