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Kundalini yoga sequence on Yogins follow an eight-limbed practice and gain eight kinds of powers. They control the vital breaths and the senses. He distinguishes two kinds of yoga: with attributes and without attributes. The first involves concentrating the mind and regulating the breath; the second involves concentrating the mind and subjugating the senses. He then introduces a progressive sequence whereby the yogin comes to contemplate the immutable, eternal, unchangeable, indivisible, deathless, everlasting, infinite pure purusa who is brahma a Vedic version of Samkhya-Yoga, as might have been inferred from the mention of the vital breaths (prana), which have no place in classical Samkhya or Yoga.42 Yajnavalkya s description of the samadhi experience has much in common with that offered by Bhisma in 12.195. Kundalini yoga sequence 2016.

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