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Kundalini yoga practice on Moreover, that problem is insoluble in terms of anything that humans can do themselves. Only god can release beings from rebirth and suffering. The means of salvation are thus entirely dependent on other power, though a concession is made to effort in the recognition that those who follow the Samkhya-Yoga way can, with difficulty, reach Krsna. The ontology is monistic overall, but with the somewhat peculiar feature of a single totality having three beginingless and eternal divisions within it. In Rawlinson s scheme the teachings of the Gita are an interesting mixture of hot and cool. Hot because surrendering to god s will is essentially emotional in character; cool because the attitude of indifference that underpins karma yoga is emotionally neutral. They would also seem to be structured, because although the path is not one of distinctive practices such as those found in the Buddhist and Jain schemes it is exquisitely structured through the requirements of the dharma texts, which, of course, makes it extremely difficult for any non-Hindu to live according to Krsna^s teaching. Kundalini yoga practice 2016.

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