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Kundalini yoga poses on They are influenced by stored knowledge in the form of schemata, scripts, stereotypes, etc. as well as the evolved biases built into our perceptual apparatus such as those that the Gestalt psychologists called the laws of perceptual organization. Examples of these are: grouping or proximity (the tendency to arrange items that are close together in to groups); similarity (the tendency to organize items in terms of similarity); continuity (the tendency to treat, for example, broken lines as unbroken) and closure (the tendency to complete broken figures). Here are some illustrations:3 Perception can also be influenced by what we are told. Elizabeth Loftus and her colleagues ran a number of experiments where people watched the same video of cars in a minor collision. Then they were asked a week later to remember whether they saw any broken glass. One third of the group had this question prefaced by another: how fast were the cars going when they smashed into each other? Another third were asked how fast were the cars going when they hit each other? and the final third were not asked a question about speed. Kundalini yoga poses 2016.

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