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Kundalini yoga Pics on Having become tranquillity s self, and being freed from all kinds of calamity, such a person, by depending upon his own intelligence, succeeds in attaining to that Soul which is pure and immortal and which is without a stain.97 The Yoga Upanisads of the first group are all compatible with this description and probably represent refinements of this kind of practice in the post-epic period. I include here some brief comments on salient points in each of these Upanisads (Deussen s versions). Brahmavidya (Deussen s version – 14 verses; Adyar version – 111 verses) Om (aum), the syllable of Brahman, contains, in its three and a half moras, the entire universe. That om resides in the centre of the brain-conch. The susumna nadd passes through it and through the other 72,000 nadi. One who takes the om-sound through that nadi and then allows it to fade realizes the highest Brahman. Kundalini yoga Pics 2016.

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