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Kundalini yoga exercises on All of these collections were created after the time of Sankara, and it may be that all the Upanisads which receive no mention in his writings (and none of the Yoga Upanisads do) were only composed after his death. On the other hand, there may have been Upanisads around at the time of Sankara of which he was unaware or which he did not regard as authentic or authoritative. A rough relative chronology might be: Oupanekhat Collection Brahmavidya, Ksurika, Culika (= Mantrika), Brahmabindu (= Amrtabindu), Amrtabindu (= Amrtanada), Dhyanabindu, Tejobindu, Yogasikha and Yogatattva. Colebrooke and Narayana add Nadabindu and Hamsa. Muktika adds Advayataraka, Trisikhibrahmana, Darsana, Pasupatabrahma, Brahmavidya, Mandalabrahmana, Mahavakya, Yogakundali, Yogacudamani, Varaha and Sandilya. We may note that the Adyar collection does not include the Culika (= Mantrika) in the list of Yoga Upanisads even though it is included in the Muktika list of 108 Upanisads. The grand total of Yoga Upanisads could thus be taken as 21, those in the Adyar collection plus the Culika. Kundalini yoga exercises 2016.

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