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Kundalini yoga diet on In some versions of the story Mara claims that Siddhatta is not worthy of enlightenment. In reply, Siddhatta touches the earth and calls upon her to bear witness to the fact that he had come to this point through great exertions over many lifetimes. The earth then quakes to indicate her agreement with the young man s claim.18 TEACHING After his enlightenment, the Buddha sat and reflected on his experience. He thought, Mankind is intent on its attachments, and takes delight and pleasures in them it is hard [for them] to see the principle of causality, origination by way of cause. Hard to see is the principle of the cessation of all compounded things, the renunciation to clinging to rebirth, the extinction of all craving, absence of passion, cessation, nirvana.19 Such thought led the Buddha to wonder whether it was worth trying to teach what he had learned. Kundalini yoga diet 2016.

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