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Kundalini yoga asanas on It does not. Rather, book 3 is followed by book 4, which also ends with iti. Books 1 and 2 do not end with iti, so it looks as though book 4 was added later and a sloppy editor (or one who held the first three books in such reverence that he was unwilling to delete even this one small and now unnecessary term) forgot to remove the iti. Dasgupta continues, stating, There is also a marked change (due either to its supplementary character or to the manipulation of a foreign hand) in the style of the last chapter as compared with the other three. The sutras, 30-34, of the last chapter seem to repeat what has already been said in the second chapter and some of the topics introduced are such that they could well have been dealt with in a more relevant manner in connection with similar discussions in the preceding chapters. The extent of this chapter is also disproportionately small, as it contains only 34 sutras, whereas the average number of sutras in the other chapters is between 51 to 55.35 One might add, in support of Dasgupta, that in the middle of book 4 we find what seems to be a polemic against a school of Yogacara Buddhism (see above, pp. Kundalini yoga asanas 2016.

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