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Kundalini practice on Masefield pulls no punches in pointing out the implications of his research: Whilst this [means of acquiring right view] was of obvious benefit to the fortunate individual who became a savaka, it had the sinister implication for the Buddhist world that until such a conversion were received, almost as an act of grace on the part of the Buddha, there could be no possibility of anyone, whether monk or layman, following the eightfold way to Nibbana nor of their becoming free of their past kamma.39 Sangha In much modern writing about Buddhism the term sangha is often taken to mean the community of monks and nuns rather than the community of ariya savakas. In either case, the integrity of the Sangha is protected by the Vinaya (discipline). Within the Suttavibangha section of the Vinaya Pitaka are the 227 patimokkha rules that are recited communally at the new and full moon. These rules are the basis of what we would call schools (nikaya) of Buddhism. If monks and nuns live according to different sets of rules then they cannot recite them together and have to form a new school. The rules regulate the lives of all Sangha members and breaches of them must be declared at the fortnightly recitations. Kundalini practice 2016.

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