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Kriya yoga meditation technique for FLOWERS usually pedicellate, rarely sessile, exserted or included in the spathes, fugacious or lasting as long as days, often blue or yellow, also other colors, mostly more or less Ms-like with clawed tepals, usually only outer with nectar guides, sometimes sweetly or unpleasantly scented, often with nectar from perigonal nectaries at the tepal bases tepals free, rarely united in a short tube, claws ascending to erect, often long, or short, limbs spreading to reflexed, or the inner tepal limbs erect, inner tepals sometimes tricuspidate, filiform, hair-like, or lacking. STAMENS with filaments usually united below, or entirely anthers usually appressed to style branches, often concealed by the outer tepal claws but prominent when the style branches narrow or reduced. OVARY mostly Moraea ovoid and exserted, sometimes included, then often with a beak or tubular and sterile in the upper half STYLE filiform, usually enclosed by the filaments and dividing shortly beyond the filament column, style branches usually flattened and petaloid with paired terminal petaloid crests, stigma a transverse lobe on abaxial surface at base of crests, terminal when style branches narrow or filiform, rarely style branches filiform or divided to base into paired filiform arms. FRUIT mostly a club-shaped capsule, truncate or shortly beaked, the beak sometimes tubular. SEEDS angular to fusiform or compressed and discoid. Basic chromosome number x other numbers,. Throughout sub-Saharan Africa s Kriya yoga meditation technique photos, Kriya yoga meditation technique 2016.

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