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Kriya meditation on This entails the practice of hatha or laya yoga. Hatha means force and laya means dissolution. The idea conveyed by the term hatha is that working on the physical body invigorates and directs or forces the vital energies in the body to awaken the creative power or sakti, who is regarded as being dormant and coiled at the base of the spine.31 This power is thus often referred to as kundalind (the coiled feminine one). The term laya refers to the systematic dissolution of the various planes of existence until the realization of original unity is attained. In the body, these planes are represented by the cakras or lotuses found at various points on or in the subtle channel running the length of the spinal cord, the susumna nadd. The realization of unity occurs when the kundalind reaches the 1,000-petalled lotus, the sahasrara, at the top of the head and is reunited with Siva. Kriya meditation 2016.

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