Kriya kundalini yoga

Kriya kundalini yoga on Glassenapp explains it thus: the notion that the whole universe with the totality of its phenomena forms one single whole, in which even the smallest element has an effect on the largest, because secret threads connect the smallest item with the eternal ground of the world, this is the proper foundation of all tantric philosophy.18 In the Buddhist Avatamsaka Sutra (Flower Garland Sutra) the same principle is explained by reference to the metaphor of Indra s Net: high above in heaven, on the roof of the palace of the God Indra, there hang innumerable ornaments in the form of small crystal marbles. They are interlaced in various patterns forming a great complex network. Because of the reflection of light, not only does each and every one of these marbles reflect the entire cosmos, including the continents and oceans of the human world down below, but at the same time they reflect one another, including all the reflected images in each and every marble without omission.19 Here we see the basic properties of a hologram expounded in mythical terms, namely that every part contains the information of the whole. It is this theoretical framework which renders tantric practice (sadhana) intelligible. Later Hindu writers on tantra sometimes classify humans into three categories according to the quality (guna) predominating in them. Kriya kundalini yoga 2016.

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Kriya kundalini yoga


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