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Kneeling meditation on 5-9: The person in samadhi, the wise say, looks like the fixed and upward flame of a lamp that is full of oil and that burns in a breezeless spot. He is like a rock which is incapable of being moved in the slightest degree by ever a heavy downpour from the clouds. He is incapable of being moved by the din of conches and drums, or by songs or the sound of hundreds of musical instruments beat or blown together. Even this is the indication of one in samadhi. (12.317.19-21) For Vyasa, whose comments appear to be the most heavily redacted of the three, a yogin should seek a solitary life, eat abstemiously, regard everything with an equal eye, be neither jubilant on acquiring things nor anxious on losing them, behave equally and with friendliness towards all creatures, be free from attachment and pride, be free from the influence of opposites (pleasure-pain, heat-cold, etc. Kneeling meditation 2016.

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