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The consequences of harmful association are always intolerable. ust as the association King Pigeon Yoga Pose of absolutely pious persons with evil persons generates ill effects by transferring the evil influence of the latter to the former, King Pigeon Yoga Pose so the association of really pure beings with delusion caused by ignorance converts them into fettered beings and then subjects them to the consequences of good and evil deeds.

Perfect spiritual adepts who have attained oneness with Brahman are not subject to birth and death, but individuals associated with mayH are. This has been explained in the following verse: The deluded individual who worships the ignorance formed of worldly concepts passes on to birth and death, bound by fetters of merit and demerit.

Those beings who look upon their physical bodies as the Self are defiled by the desire for the enjoyment of the fruits of their deeds, and as such they always serve the ignorance of rnaya, which is responsible for the experience of duality in this world and w’hich causes one to obtain the fruits of one’s actions, like the achievement of heaven or hell.

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