Your Kids Might Start Begging for Pilates Lessons!

Here’s the scoop on our latest obsessions.

Horatio Moves!

WHAT: An inspiring children’s book about Horatio, a Lhasa-poo rescued by a Pilates teacher, who helps him find a greater purpose through movement. Written by Fletcher Pilates-certifed Jenna Zaffino, PMA-CPT, with illustrations by Daniel Warren Johnson, Horatio Moves! ($14.95; is based on her true story, of bringing a new dog into her life and into the studio. “From the start, Horatio served as inspiration as well as comic relief to the studio community. We would look at the effortlessness of his stretches, the bounce in his step and his overall positive attitude, and tried to emanate those things in our Pilates movements,” recalls Zaffino, now involved in the PMA’s Pilates 4 Youth Initiative.

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WHY WE LOVE İT: “Horatio Moves! started as a message to my potential children to inspire them to explore their movement and their life to find the thing that makes their heart sing,” says Zaffino who decided to write the book after a diagnosis of infertility. “This small message has since grown into a wonderful, global invitation for children to explore creative movement.” And Zaffino has since grown into her role as mommy to 23-month-old Jaxon.

Farmbox Direct

WHAT: A box of seasonal, locally sourced produce is shipped directly to your doorstep. Choose between three sizes (small, medium, large) and whether you want to spring for organic ($45.95 for large All Natural box and $61.95 for Only Organic, plus $5.98 handling fee;

WHY WE LOvE iT: The box is tailor-made to suit your taste buds. Choose between a mix of fresh fruit and veggies, or just one or the other. Once you place your order, you’ll receive an email that lets you make up to five changes (e.g., nix the kiwi if you’re over it!). There’s no commitment, so you can cancel or place your box on hold whenever.

JuST BE AWARE: Though Farmbox free-ships to 48 states, if your zip code is out of range, you’ll be charged an additional shipping fee.


WHAT: Literally translating to “green” in Hebrew, it’s a line of sustainably sourced hair care that will give you a glowing mane from the inside out. Twelve products, ranging from serums to shampoos to styling aids, target the scalp and strands with smart combinations of organic essential oils (and food-grade preservatives) that nourish, restore and protect (

WHY WE LOVE İT: It’s not easy to find hair products made with organic ingredients that actually work! Also, 3 percent of the profits are donated to The Pachamama Alliance to protect the Amazon Rainforest. Just in time for summer, try Feed Your Sunshine, which doubles as a protectant you can apply before the pool or beach and an after-sun nourisher, thanks to a blend of jojoba, black currant, aloe and tea tree oils ($28.60 for 1 ounce).

JUST BE AWARE: The price point is on the high end, but the product is mighty a little goes a long way.

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