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Kareena kapoor weight loss on 19 This is not to say that solitude is always detrimental to human well-being. As Abraham Maslow observed, the mentally healthy people he studied and called self-actualizers enjoyed experiences of solitude more than did average people. They exhibited what he called a need for privacy. They were not recluses, however, as they tended to have deeper and more profound interpersonal relations than any other adults.20 As Anthony Storr points out at the end of his extensive assessment of the place of solitude in the creation of human happiness, The happiest lives are probably those in which neither interpersonal relationships nor impersonal interests are idealized as the only way to salvation. The desire and pursuit of the whole must comprehend both aspects of human nature. 21 A naturalist approach to human flourishing understands the world and ourselves on the basis of our best scientific knowledge, and that knowledge points away from supernaturalist metaphysics and supernaturalist values towards empirical research that is rooted in an understanding of ourselves as organisms that have evolved in and flourish in social groups. Kareena kapoor weight loss 2016.

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