Iyengar Yoga for Knees and Lower Back Pain

In tip in today’s post we’ll be doing a couple of Asanas on how to maintain healthy knees all these Asanas can be done by everyone even, if you have a knee pain a lower back pain you can do all these Asanas. So let’s go ahead and watch the post. So the first Arsenal that we are going to start off with for healthy means is called rickshaw cell it’s a very simple pose which will not only help help in your knees. But also stay focused and improve concentration specially in children. So we start off by standing in Terezin bring your feet together roll your shoulders back straighten your pants first lift off your toes up spread your toes on the flow.

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So that you get a firm grip now raise your right leg up bring your right heel closer to your left inner thigh or closer to your left groin now you take your both your hands up and press the base of your palm together there is a tendency of people sticking this left hip out so try to squeeze it in again roll your right knee back stay for about half a minute focused on one points. And then slowly bring your hands back on your waist bring that foot down. And then we change the side raise your left leg up now take both arms up and stay, if in case you’re feeling that you’re losing balance you can even go towards the wall initially and take wall support for rakshasa bring both arms down and release the next Asana is called Wario one for which we stand back in paracin bring our palms in front of her chest bend both knees together.

And jump both feet at least four feet apart turn your right foot out and left foot in keep lifting the back heel and raise both arms up from here you start moving your calf muscles forward sliding your left leg back and bringing your left groin down keep rolling the right thigh to the right side your right knee to the right side and lift your armpit chest forward slowly bring both hands down. And come up repeat the same on the other side turn your left foot out and right foot in the next Asana is called prasarita padottan Asana for which we stand and teres and again bring both palms closer bend both knees and jump both feet out make sure that your little toe is in your big toe is in. And your heels are turned out. So you never have any knee injuries keep both arms palms on your waist keep pulling your kneecaps up lift up from your ankles inner ankles to your inner groins and press the base of your thumb on the floor now from here we lift our diaphragm and chest forward press the outer edge of your feet don’t keep it loose and for the final pose all the ankle look forward and drop your head down, if in case your head doesn’t reach down is absolutely fine you can take a block or a brick or even a bolster to rest your head book. And then to come up keep your palms back down make sure that the wrist is underneath the shoulder look forward palms on the waist come up and jump in. So these were the Asanas which you could do to maintain healthy knees keep reading more posts on Emden for further information thank you you.

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