Iyengar Yoga for Back Pain

Hey everyone today we will be doing a couple of Asanas to relieve lower back pain so keep your match lengthwise and have a chair next to you go closer to the chair and raise both legs up on the seat of the chair keep your chin down towards your chest let go completely for about half a minute witness your breath observe every inhalation and exhalation as you exhale down sink your lower back into the mat now slowly open your eyes have your knees towards your chest roll over onto your right side and come. So the next Asana that we will be doing is called a chair Bharadwaj awesome.

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So we sit on the chair like this with a brick in between our knees even, if you don’t have a brick it’s fine we can use a water bottle we can use a Tiffin box you can use anything just to create more awareness on a lower back twistings are very good for the spine as they help to relieve the lower back pain so keep both your palms on either side of the chair squeeze the brick in between your knees and roll your shoulders back make sure that your right knee is not coming beyond your left knee so try to control from the hip breathe normally. And now we’ll move to the other side on both the sides we can stay for about 15 to 20 seconds each and repeat this twice you will realize that you’re pushing with one firm pulling with the other pound. So the next Asana that we’ll be doing is called hope terrorism for which we need a set of roads even, if you don’t have a rope at home it’s fine you can always use a belt or you can use a dupatta over your grill. And you can still do the Asana.

So we grip up arms and walk forward with the rope my feet are together spreading the toes of my feet on the floor shoulders are rolling back and elbows are straight we hold like this for about 15 to 20 seconds again walk back a tiny bit and take both arms up all these actinides give a good traction for the lower back as well as a good workout for the shoulder another variation could be to keep your left hand up and right hand down there is a tendency to always keep holding that shoulder back. But work on pulling the shoulder forward. So that we strengthen the lower back pull your navel in and up. And then we change sides make sure that both your elbows are straight fingers are stretching up. And you’re not arching your back too much the spine is nice and neutral you can leave one row hold one rope interlock your fingers and straighten both your elbows by walking further forward gripping your ankle bones and pulling the kneecap up you’re lifting your side ribs and moving your pelvis forward could you walk back and release it. So these are just a couple of fasteners to help you to relieve lower back pain there are a lot more saunas in I enjoy yoga so please continue reading these posts. And you will get a lot more information which will help you for your practice thank you you.

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