Iyengar Yoga for Acidity and Indigestion

Hi in today’s post we will be doing Asanas that help, if you have any in digestion or to improve your digestive system. So we start off with warrior 3 we take the chair against the wall keep our feet hip distance apart and push the chair maximum.

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So that our spine is parallel to the floor this is called as ardha uttan Asana it works really well with the digestive system keep pushing the chair forward pulling your kneecaps up spreading your toes down on the floor now without lifting your right hip way too much raise your right leg up your spine is still parallel to the flow toes are pointing down pulling up your kneecaps bring the right leg down stay Nardo tonnison your fingers are lifting up now we raise the left leg up make sure that your hips are square your left buttock is not carrying over your right buttock bring the leg down. And come up in Terezin. So the next.

Asana is called shutter a parivartan this Asana helps to release all the unwanted gas from a body. So all we need is a blanket for a neck and a belt we take the belt over to the center of the leg tighten the belt lie down on your back have your knees towards your chest flex your feet and heels closer to the buttocks place your palms in line with your shoulders keeping your left shoulder blade on the flow take your right knees both your knees closer to the amp it come back to the center keeping the right shoulder blade on the flow click the knees to the left side. And come back we repeat at least 15 to 20 of these the next.

Asana is called Marie Giselle we need a bolster and a brick so keep the bolster vertical take it closer towards the wall sit on the frontal edge of the bolster and extend your left leg forward the left leg has to be flexed on the wall so to first we start off with the right side take your left elbow over your right knee place your right palm on the brick stay for a minute. So all these twistings help in in digestion you change the side fold your left leg extend the right leg forward take your elbow over the knee stretch through your fingers keep rolling your left shoulder back so your left knee is pushing into your upper arm your upper arm is pushing back into the game we do this for about two attempts. So these were couple of Asanas that could help us, if we have any kind of indigestion stay tuned and subscribe to our blog for more posts on yoga.

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